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About Us

About Imago Floors

We produce exquisite, custom ornamental flooring, on-demand.
Our ecologically friendly, modular parquet system provides beautifully realistic, ornamental inlay designs without the use of exotic hardwoods at an affordable price.

Imago Floors™ are produced using the very latest direct-digital production techniques to create exquisite, pre-finished parquet tiles, medallions & borders. You can do amazing things with Imago Floors.

There are a wide variety of designs and colors to choose from. Mix and match components from our collection to create your own masterpiece. Our team of talented artists will be more than happy to assist you in customizing a design or creating something entirely just for you.

Our team has a successful track record of creating innovative new products and services through the application of digital technologies to the creative arts. We are now transforming the flooring, interior and surface design industries by providing affordable luxury products that enhance the beauty and quality of everyday life.

A Responsible Alternative

Imago Floors™ are made with the latest, environmentally responsible, direct-digital imaging processes to have all the natural beauty and warmth of traditional hardwood inlay without the use of any rare, endangered or exotic tropical woods. Our engineered wood core is made from LEED creditable, certified, replenishable forest products that are also anti-bacterial, moisture resistant and anti-fungal. We factory pre-finish all of our sustainable flooring using instant-curing resins that do not pollute the air. We also donate a percentage of our profits towards reforestation and renewable resource efforts. Consider an investment in Imago Floors as a commitment to the environment.

Affordable Luxury

Imago Floors is a division of Decorative Imaging, Inc.

Decorative Imaging creates and manufactures Imago Floors™ and other state of the art, digitally imaged surface design products for the home, office and architectural industries. Our products add beauty to residential and commercial environments where it might have been too labor intensive or cost prohibitive before. Decorative Imaging creates and applies surface designs to floors, doors, walls, cabinets, furniture panels, screens, and interior décor.

We have created a proprietary process that allows us to manufacture exquisitely realistic, digitally decorated ornamental surfaces at a fraction of the price of traditional or hand-made alternatives. Our mission is to deliver revolutionary and affordable direct-digital products for the building and home improvement markets.