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Imago Floors™ are the creative fusion of traditional, handcrafted decorative parquet with the digital technology of the 21st Century. Our environmentally responsible, direct-digital processes deliver the beauty and appearance of exotic hardwoods without cutting down endangered trees. With Imago’s exquisite ornamental parquet you can now create exceptionally beautiful, eco-friendly floors at truly affordable prices.

Call us for the latest prices 203-807-3815.

Imago's innovative floor products provide all the glamour, elegance and beauty of traditional hardwood inlay at a fraction of the cost and without cutting down any endangered or rare hardwood trees. We create our designs using proprietary technologies that incorporate the very latest digital imaging techniques and sophistication to create truly beautiful, realistic ornamental parquet, on demand. In many cases, the intricacy of design available from Imago transcends what is cost effective or even possible using conventional laser, CNC routers or hand cutting methods of inlay. Our direct-digital processes allow us to be more ambitious in scope and complexity than our competitors. This means you can get truly ornate and exquisite custom flooring at a very affordable price. Imago is more like a hardwood floor than a laminate in its thickness and stability. When you walk on an Imago floor, you feel like you are walking on something solid, elegant and expensive. Imago has all the natural, realistic beauty and warmth of traditional hardwood inlay. Our finishes are multi-coat UV cured resins that are designed with a scratch and abrasion resistant wear layer for many years of use. Our core substrate has been developed for its stability, moisture resistance and ease of installation. When you purchase Imago flooring, you are investing in affordable luxury.

Our standard medallion size is 42” and is scaled to match our parquet tiles. We can also create medallions in different diameters. Please contact us for details and prices. Our standard border width is 6” and is scaled to match our parquet tiles. We can also create borders and corners in different widths. Please contact us for details and prices.

Yes. We can modify existing designs or produce custom floor products to your specifications.
You can see our Wood Sampler here. Please contact us for details and prices.

Imago Floors are designed to last just as long as any other pre-finished hardwood flooring and come with a 15 year limited warranty on the finish. The floors come pre-finished with the same UV cured finishes used to protect other fine hardwood floors. The floors can be buffed and recoated from time to time using off the shelf restorative products. Please contact us for the latest recommended products to help protect and clean Imago floors. As with any hardwood floor, scratches, gouges, indentations, misuse, damage caused by lack of proper care, insufficient protection under furniture, other abrasives, spiked heel shoes, pets, insects, and damage due to water or moisture can potentially harm the finish. Care should be taken with Imago floors to protect the finish.

Imago Floors™ are made with the latest environmentally friendly, direct-digital processes to have all the natural beauty and warmth of traditional hardwood inlay without the use of any rare or tropical hardwoods whatsoever. Our core wood substrate is made from LEED creditable, certified, replenishable forest products that are anti-bacterial, moisture resistant and anti-fungal. We factory pre-finish all of our sustainable wood floors using instant-curing water-based resins that do not pollute the air. We also donate a percentage of our profits towards reforestation and renewable resource efforts. Consider an investment in Imago Floors as a commitment to the environment. We also recognize the importance of protecting the environment and using resources intelligently across our business. We are committed to exercising environmental stewardship in our relationships with suppliers, employees, customers and our community.

All of our Imago floor products are an industry standard 3/4” thick. This is to insure the widest possible compatibility with existing hardwood flooring. If you have a special need for a floor with a different thickness, please contact us and we will see if it is possible to meet your needs.


You can download our current Catalog here.

For current prices Please Call: 203-807-3815

Individual samples of our parquet tiles and borders can be provided by request and if in stock. Single Tiles are $50 each and Borders and Corners are $75 each plus shipping. We do not provide sample Medallions. Please contact us to order your samples.

You can purchase our products from your local retailer or direct from the factory.

To Order Direct from the Factory:

You may place an order by calling: 203-807-3815. or email us at to request a quote. All quotes are valid for 30 days. We currently do not support online ordering to make sure that our customers are ordering exactly the product that they need. All prices are subject to change without notice.

Payment options are: Check, Money Order, American Express, Visa and Master Card.

There is a 100 square ft. minimum order for parquet tiles and 100 linear ft. for borders. There is no minimum order for medallions.

We ship our products using a variety of carriers including UPS, FedEx, Yellow, Roadway and over 50 others. All shipping is fully insured and trackable.

Issues to consider when shipping include:

• Are you shipping to a residence or to a business address?
• Will the shipment require a fork lift or lift gate to deliver?
• Does your receiving address have a freight dock?
• Will the shipment require overseas transportation?

Our staff will work on getting the best possible shipping rate for you.

Stock items can ship in about one week. Typical production time is 6-8 weeks on custom orders and items not in stock. Some orders can be processed sooner. Some may take a little longer.

All delivery dates are estimates. We recommend that you do not commit to an installation date until you receive your product.

If you purchased the product direct from the factory and for some reason you are not satisfied with our product you can return it shipping-prepaid within 7 days after receiving the product with prior approval from Imago. Call or email the factory to get a return-authorization number and shipping address. Custom floors and products are not returnable.

If an item is damaged in shipment or has manufacturing defects (warranty information below), you may return it and we will replace it as soon as possible. For all other returns, there will be a 20% restocking charge on all returned products.

If you purhase the product from a retailer and wish to return it, please contact the retailer to discuss their return policy.


Imago floors are relatively easy to install provided the area is adequately prepared as described in our Installation Guide and that the Installer follow the recommendations described in the Installation Guide. Imago recommends that each floor be installed by an experienced professional floor installer for best results.

You can download the Imago Installation Guide here.

Imago makes no warranties regarding installation of any of its flooring products. It is the responsibility of the installer or homeowner to inspect the product prior to installation. Flooring pieces that are obviously damaged or otherwise unsuitable should not be installed. Industry standards allow for up to ten percent (10%) of the overall job for defective materials which must be cut but cannot be used for the job or installation.

This is possible as long as the other pre-finished flooring is 3/4” thick and the work is done by a competent installer.

Yes, but Imago floors must be installed to Imago specifications and should be installed by experienced, knowledgeable craftsmen. We cannot guarantee the installation or finish of floors installed by outside parties.

Imago Floors can be nailed, stapled or glued down.

We strongly recommend racking your Imago Floor. Racking will give you a better idea of the overall layout, color and composition of the installation.

Wood floors expand and contract constantly with temperature fluctuations. They expand in the summer and contract in the winter, throughout their life. Therefore, sealing of the joints is not recommended.

Imago products must be installed on or above Grade. "Grade" refers to the exterior soil line.

We do not recommend installing your Imago floor in full bathrooms that have a shower or bathtub.

Your newly installed Imago Floor should not be exposed to rolling load traffic for at least 72 hours after installation to allow setting and drying of adhesives. We recommend thoroughly cleaning your Imago Floor of dust, covering it with plastic followed by fitted sheets of Masonite™, until all other construction is finished.


Following a regular maintenance schedule, sweep or vacuum to remove dirt, grit, or dust that could scratch or be ground into the surface of the floor. Periodic damp mopping is also recommended.

Never wax an Imago Floor. Wax may inhibit the adhesion of future applications of protective coating materials, or make it slippery. Instead, clean your Imago Floor periodically with a professional or urethane wood floor-cleaning product.

Do not use wax, polish, oil soap, abrasive cleaners, steel wool, scouring powder, or ANY appreciable amount of water on your Imago Floor. Do not sand or strip your Imago Floor. Water and/or chemical cleaning agents (such as ammonia) can prematurely age your Imago floor and cause it to crack and split. Do not use cleaning products that are not specifically for pre-finished hardwood floors. Never use sheet vinyl or tile floor care products.

Wipe up food and other spills immediately with a dry or slightly damp towel.

When moving or rolling heavy pieces of furniture or appliances, always use protection, such as strips of 1/4" hardboard or Masonite under the wheels or legs.

Do not walk on your Imago Floor with sharp high-heels, tips or shoes in need of repair, as they can scratch or permanently dent your floors.

Area rugs should be used in all high traffic areas, and areas adjoining exterior doors. Make sure they stay dry and are cleaned underneath regularly. They should be moved occasionally as they block natural light, which may give the appearance of discoloring under the rug. Over time this area will patina and match the rest of the flooring area. A breathable rug underlay should be used under all are rugs. Mesh or grid patterns are best. Do not use rubber, foam back, or plastic mats.

For wood flooring in the kitchen, place an area rug in front of the kitchen sink to catch water.

Maintain an ambient indoor humidity level of 35% to 60% throughout the year.

Imago Floors UV cured aluminum oxide finish provides superior wear resistance and exquisite beauty. Even so, all wood floors scratch and dent if abused.

Place felt protector pads on all the legs of the furniture to prevent damage to the floor. Do not use ball rollers.

Purchase touch-up pens to camouflage the appearance of scratches, or check with the commercial contractor who installed your flooring.

For minor scratches or dents the use of a touch up kit can repair damaged boards. If damage cannot be repaired using a touch-up kit, single tiles or boards may be replaced by a qualified installer.


Imago provides a limited warranty to the original purchaser that for a period which is the lesser of fifteen (15) years from the date of application by Imago or so long as the original purchaser of the flooring owns the home in which the flooring is installed, the finish coating will not separate from the floor substrate and that the finish coating will not wear through.

Flooring is susceptible to normal color change due to interior lights or the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Sun fade is not a breach of Imago’s limited warranty. Scratches, gouges, indentations, misuse, damage caused by lack of proper care, insufficient protection under furniture, other abrasives, spiked heel shoes, pets, insects, and damage due to water or moisture are not breaches of Imago’s limited warranty.

Imago provides a limited warranty to the original purchaser for one (1) month from the date of purchase covering any manufacturing defects in the flooring. All floor materials are guaranteed to be free from defects in manufacturing when they leave the Imago factory.

Download Imago's Limited Warranty here.